Race For The Cup

Welcome back to another addition of World Soccer 2017. This week we will be talking about the 2 Major cups that are down to the final teams in the knockout stages. The first and least important of the two cups we will be talking about is the Europa league cup. There are 32 teams still left in contention and the winner of this tournament earns a spot in the very prestigious champions league. the way these knockout stages is pretty simple, they run off of aggregate goal count. this means that every team plays each other twice with one home game for each and you win off of the total goals scored. for example if a team wins 2-0 the first game and then loses 0-1 the 2nd game they would win the series with an aggregate of 2-1. the only difference is that a goal for the away team can count as 2 in order to give the away team a bit of an edge. if the teams have even aggregate after the two games it will go onto extra time and eventually penalties. Probably the favorites to win the Europa league would be the Red Devils of Manchester United.

(Here are the highlights of the red devils last fixture against Zorya.)

The next and much more important Cup is the Champions league. This cup is the best and most competitive Cup in all of Europe. It is a culmination of all of the best teams in the continent which contains the best and most skilled players pound for pound. All the best giants like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich compete against each other for a chance to be called the best team in Europe. Last night Barcelona went up against the best team in France, PSG. The game was expected to go Barcelona’s way but the stars on the team like Messi and Suarez failed to produce on all fronts. Barcelona was taken down 4-0 thanks to goals from Angel Di Maria, Edison Cavani, and the new signing Julian Draxler(featured on front page). Barcelona dominated possession as usual but PSG came around with a barrage of shots that just could not be stopped. Barcalona is now down 4-0 in aggregate leading onto their rematch with little hope to win the round.

(Above is Di Maria’s miraculous free kick that open the scoring on the day)

Tonight will have matches with teams that are just as talented at 2:45. Real Madrid faces off against Napoli and Bayern Munich will play Arsenal as well. both games are sure to be thrillers so make sure to tune in.


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