Eggnog and Nutmeg

Welcome back to another of World Soccer 2017. last week we dove into the realm of soccer cleats and the different types that are out there. This week we will go more into some actual on field discussions, more specifically dribbling past players. dribbling by players is the equivalent to a basketball player crossing someone over to get to the rim or a football player juking someone out on their way to the end zone. In soccer players use moves like body feints and step overs to get defenders off balance in order to burst by them in a split second. This takes an unreal amount of foot skill especially when playing against very skilled players. below there are couple examples of the creative ways in which soccer players defeat their opponents to get themselves into better areas on the pitch

beating players off the dribble is a pivotal point of the game and is something players work on day in and day out and as a defender getting beat is a very demoralizing feeling but there is something much worse than just getting beat by dribbling player and that is get nut megged. Getting nut megged is when you know only get beat by an attacking player, but he also puts the ball through your legs to do so. Any one who has played soccer will tell you this is possibly the worst thing that can happen to you. Like I said about how crossovers in basketball are to blow by a player, When the player falls after being crossed over it is that much worse and you can tell by the reaction of the fans and teammates, that is what a nut meg is in soccer.maxresdefault.jpg

The art of the nut meg may not seem like it takes a crazy amount of skill or composure but being able to anticipate when a defender will step in to a tackle and take full advantage of them is something that should be given more credit. if you ever decide to play soccer with your friends and you are wondering what to do on the defensive end just make sure to keep your legs closed to avoid the ridicule you will receive from your teammates and if you feel like trying to embarrass a defender make sure to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to slice up the opposing team. I leave you with a new video that is strictly nut megs to show how many different ways there are to pull off the trick


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