Welcome to another addition of World Soccer 2017. last time we talked about football bloopers and the funny side of the football world. today we will be talking about the best long shots the world has ever seen. Long shots are a part of the game that make it amazing to watch especially because they are a rare commodity. When a player takes a great first touch to set him up for a 30 year strike the crowd sits on the edge of their seats hoping for a shot that hits upper 90. It takes a special type of player to be able to hit the ball with enough accuracy and power to avoid the goalie.

the video above shows a plethora  of soccer strikes that range from one touch volleys(when the player hits the ball without taking any touches out the air to settle it). to set up shots and they are all sublime to say the least.

The term screamer is a that term comes from the crowds reactions when the shot is made, they all go crazy with excitement by the moment of brilliance shown by the player on the pitch and many of these moments will immortalized in history. A screamer is one of the great sights to watch in the game of soccer and also one that even non soccer fans can appreciate to the fullest extend.


on to other topics of soccer around the world. There were a number of international friendlies being played around the world within this past week. International friendlies are essentially exhibition games but instead of having club teams play they have international teams face off just to get the players to get a feel for playing with each other. International friendlies are also a great fan service. fans from around the world are usually against each other because they have their clubs in the same countries, but when their countries play a different country they can all band together towards a common opponent. England faced off against Germany yesterday in a thrilling match that was close until the end. Lukas Podolski is one of the German veterans and this was his last match as a German international player. Podolski showed his class and was the man who got the go ahead goal for the Germans. It was quite a screamer to say the least and was a great way for him to leave his mark on the team.

Above is a video of the highlights from the game, Enjoy!


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