The Beautiful Game

Welcome back to another addition of World Soccer 2017. Last week we talked about the guys the play between the sticks, The goalkeepers. Today we will be talking about the single most important thing in soccer, passing. The art of passing is the simple act of getting the ball from one player to another with the intention of purposely gaining ground on the pitch. There is passing in pretty much all team sports but in soccer passing has a little bit more importance than it does in something like basketball. In a sport like basketball individual skill can get you a long way if you are someone like Steph Curry or LeBron James. It is very difficult for any one player on a soccer field to do everything by himself regardless of how good they may be which is why passing is the biggest and most important element of the game. The greatest teams in the world tend to also be the teams that pass the ball the best like F.C. Barcelona. The greatest sights you will find on a soccer field is a great passing movement that ends in an easy goal, The defense can only chase the ball in circles as the offensive team makes them look silly because after all, no one player is faster than the ball itself.

(below is a video that shows some of the best team goals).

The goals in the video above make it look far to easy to just simply pass the ball around the opposition but this is no easy feat. Its takes a special type of player to be able to string passes together the way these professionals do and with such speed and precision. Soccer is called the beautiful game because of these types of goals. There is no better sight then watching your team move the ball the way a team like Manchester United does when they are brimming with confidence and having positive play. Some team styles of play tend to be more direct which means they try to play the ball to the next as quickly as possible where as other teams tend to try and break their opposition down through short, crisp passes and patience. Personally I feel like being too direct isn’t the best approach but of course this is all preference, some styles counteract others very well but that depends on the players and things of that nature. No matter what though, passing is always an essential part of the game and will be for years to come.


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