The 90th Minute

Welcome back to another addition of World Soccer 2017. Last time we talked about the glory of the long shot and how great it is to watch one unfold before your eyes. Today we will be talking about the 90th minute and the significance of it. First we have to start by asking the question, what is the 90th minute? The 90th minute is the last minute of the match in soccer without the inclusion of stoppage time. If the referee deems that the match had zero stoppages(which almost never happens) then he would end the game at that very moment but usually an additional couple of minutes is added to make up for lost times due to injuries, flopping, complaints etc. The 90th minute is where hearts are broken and games are won especially because the players are fatigued and normally expecting the last whistle to be blown at any moment.

The video below shows one of my all time favorite last minute goals. that match is between Leicester City and Watford Football Club in the FA Cup(a tournament between English teams). The score says 2-1 in favor of Watford but because of aggregate the game is technically tied which is why the goal the so important. I will let the video do the rest of the talking

This goal is in my opinion one of Watford’s greatest comebacks in their history as a team since they were created in 1881. We can not forget about the tremendous feat the goalie made as well. Saving a penalty kick that would’ve meant a loss for his team when it matter in the dying seconds is anything but easy. The crowd’s reaction afterwards is one of the best things about the video. every fan was in despair when they saw the referee point to the penalty spot. their emotions went from complete dismay to total bliss in a matter of one minute. it was quite a roller-coaster for them I’m sure which ended in a storming of the field that I’m sure will never be forgotten.


that goal is one of the many goals that define and change games within an instant. This is one of the reason why soccer is a game of passion. you can be down by any amount of goals but there is always enough time to bring a game back within your grasp. This is like the equivalence of Tom Brady’s almost mythical comeback against the Falcons in the last super bowl. Soccer fans know all to well about how the tide of a game can change and that is why we always watch until the 90th minute. I will leave you with another amazing comeback that happened not too long ago between Barcelona FC a Paris-Saint Germain.

The 90th minute is always a glimmer of hope and should be respected because if not. you may blow a 3-1 lead like the video above suggests.


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