Ronaldo vs Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? That is one of the hardest questions to answer in the modern world of football. these two players are undoubtedly the two best players in the world right now, but is one really that much better than the other? Ronaldo is 3 years older than Messi but are very close in terms of stats since Ronaldo went to the illustrious Real Madrid which is the team that rivals FC Barcelona where Messi plays. Since Ronaldo’s transfer both players basically average a goal a game which is an amazing feat. Ronaldo has scored 387 goals in 378 appearances for his club whereas Messi has netted 408 goals in just 405 outings for his club. This stat is even more impressive because it does not include international play where both of these players shine as well. Messi is known to be more of a passer of the ball so it makes sense that he has almost 50 more assist than him but Ronaldo has other strengths like his speed, physicality, and jumping ability that Messi cannot begin to compete with. There are so many intangibles that these players excel in that make the decision even harder. Ronaldo is a flashy and powerful athlete on the pitch while Messi is more calm and simple in his play but not one thing is essentially better than another.

(Below is a little video comparison of the two from 2009 to 2015. this does not include all competitions like exhibition games and things of that sort)

This debate could literally go on forever in the eyes of a dedicated fan. A big factor that people will use to try and make the comparison between the two is the amount of silverware each player has obtained in their lifetime. Messi has more ballon D’or awards by 1. The ballon D’or award is giving to the most valuable player in all of Europe and is a very prestigious awards. Both players have a plethora of La Liga cup titles but I do not want to only credit these players for that achievement because that is a team effort and both of these men have amazing teams around them that could win those titles without them on the field. Here is a picture of their all time stats that include every competition for country and club that these players have been in.


These players will continue to dominate the game in their own regards. One of the best rivalries in sports in happening right in front of our eyes and this debate will go on forever