The G.O.A.Ts

Welcome back to another addition of World Soccer 2017 and today’s blog post is a special one. We will be talking about the best players to ever step foot on the pitch from all different time periods. The first guy on the list is probably the most known player in terms of a being a classic star and is the man featured on my opening image,Edson Arantes do Nascimento, also known as Pele. Pele is said to be the greatest goal scorer to ever live and rightfully so scoring a total of 1281 goals in 1363 games and was even in the Guinness World Record Book for this very achievement. Pele also won 3 World cups with 2 back to back coming in 1958 and 1962 with Brazil. Pele is one of Brazil’s biggest stars and is known around the world for not only his footballing ability but his recent involvements in politics to help improve the country of Brazil.

(Here is just a glimpse of his genius on the field)

If we move to another part of South America we will find another exceptional player that is known as one of the greatest not only to his countrymen, but to soccer players of all generations. We are talking about the great Diego Maradona . Diego Maradona played for Argentina internationally and was also a part of the great F.C. Barcelona. He had the most appearances playing for an Argentinian club known as Argentinos Juniors and his play there got him recognized as well as playing for the national club. Maradona did not score as many goals as pele by any means but he was more of a play maker in his respective right. in 1986 Maradona brought his team to the World Cup finals and ultimately a Victory in the final versus West Germany. In the Quarter final game prior to the finals Maradona and one of the most controversial goals in the history of the game known as the “Hand of God” goal where he had put the ball in the net with his hand instead of his head. This was such a big problem  because he did penalized for it and that goal decided the game with a 2-1 victory over England. Soccer being a sport with very little stoppages in play means that if the referee miss a call there is no reviewing and the game goes on as it was. Many people were infuriated this but of course his fans will tell you he still deserved a win because his second goal was a wondrous run through multiple England defenders that started at the halfway line.

(Was it a handball or a clean goal? I’ll let you all decide)

These are just two of the many amazing players to play the game. there are many others we will cover then on a later date. Thanks for reading!


Race For The Cup

Welcome back to another addition of World Soccer 2017. This week we will be talking about the 2 Major cups that are down to the final teams in the knockout stages. The first and least important of the two cups we will be talking about is the Europa league cup. There are 32 teams still left in contention and the winner of this tournament earns a spot in the very prestigious champions league. the way these knockout stages is pretty simple, they run off of aggregate goal count. this means that every team plays each other twice with one home game for each and you win off of the total goals scored. for example if a team wins 2-0 the first game and then loses 0-1 the 2nd game they would win the series with an aggregate of 2-1. the only difference is that a goal for the away team can count as 2 in order to give the away team a bit of an edge. if the teams have even aggregate after the two games it will go onto extra time and eventually penalties. Probably the favorites to win the Europa league would be the Red Devils of Manchester United.

(Here are the highlights of the red devils last fixture against Zorya.)

The next and much more important Cup is the Champions league. This cup is the best and most competitive Cup in all of Europe. It is a culmination of all of the best teams in the continent which contains the best and most skilled players pound for pound. All the best giants like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich compete against each other for a chance to be called the best team in Europe. Last night Barcelona went up against the best team in France, PSG. The game was expected to go Barcelona’s way but the stars on the team like Messi and Suarez failed to produce on all fronts. Barcelona was taken down 4-0 thanks to goals from Angel Di Maria, Edison Cavani, and the new signing Julian Draxler(featured on front page). Barcelona dominated possession as usual but PSG came around with a barrage of shots that just could not be stopped. Barcalona is now down 4-0 in aggregate leading onto their rematch with little hope to win the round.

(Above is Di Maria’s miraculous free kick that open the scoring on the day)

Tonight will have matches with teams that are just as talented at 2:45. Real Madrid faces off against Napoli and Bayern Munich will play Arsenal as well. both games are sure to be thrillers so make sure to tune in.

Eggnog and Nutmeg

Welcome back to another of World Soccer 2017. last week we dove into the realm of soccer cleats and the different types that are out there. This week we will go more into some actual on field discussions, more specifically dribbling past players. dribbling by players is the equivalent to a basketball player crossing someone over to get to the rim or a football player juking someone out on their way to the end zone. In soccer players use moves like body feints and step overs to get defenders off balance in order to burst by them in a split second. This takes an unreal amount of foot skill especially when playing against very skilled players. below there are couple examples of the creative ways in which soccer players defeat their opponents to get themselves into better areas on the pitch

beating players off the dribble is a pivotal point of the game and is something players work on day in and day out and as a defender getting beat is a very demoralizing feeling but there is something much worse than just getting beat by dribbling player and that is get nut megged. Getting nut megged is when you know only get beat by an attacking player, but he also puts the ball through your legs to do so. Any one who has played soccer will tell you this is possibly the worst thing that can happen to you. Like I said about how crossovers in basketball are to blow by a player, When the player falls after being crossed over it is that much worse and you can tell by the reaction of the fans and teammates, that is what a nut meg is in soccer.maxresdefault.jpg

The art of the nut meg may not seem like it takes a crazy amount of skill or composure but being able to anticipate when a defender will step in to a tackle and take full advantage of them is something that should be given more credit. if you ever decide to play soccer with your friends and you are wondering what to do on the defensive end just make sure to keep your legs closed to avoid the ridicule you will receive from your teammates and if you feel like trying to embarrass a defender make sure to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to slice up the opposing team. I leave you with a new video that is strictly nut megs to show how many different ways there are to pull off the trick

The meaning of “Boots”

Puss in boots

Welcome back to another addition of the World Soccer 2017 blog, thank you in advance checking out blog. The majority of people reading this that are new to the game of soccer may be wondering why this first section is called “Puss in Boots”. Many people know puss in boots as the cat crusader seen in his own movie and even in the Shrek titles. He’s a little mischievous and is known for his swiftness with a sword, but he is not the main topic of day. Boots are known as soccer cleats in most parts world and we will be topic about the coolest and best cleats on the market.


(The cleats shown above are the Adidas X 16.1 FG)

The cleats shown above are what you would expect from your regular soccer cleats. cleats are meant to be light weight to allow the players to move their feet as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Soccer cleats also do not have a toe pick unlike football cleats because of the danger fact when it comes to stepping on other players and also because when planting with a toe spike you are very dug into the ground which is not ideal for a soccer player(p.s. soccer studs do not come in any metal material for safety of the players). Another thing you may notice is the fact that the cleats are low top cleats which means that they stop below the ball of the players ankle. this is another unique quality of soccer cleats which is in place to allow for mobility of your ankle in every direction possible. A soccer player with stiff ankles is an asset to no team.

 MIGBXQM0.pngI brought up the last point to show the new cleat in the picture above. these cleats are the new Nike Hypervenoms. as I stressed in the last paragraph how having ankle mobility is key, It is also very true that because ankle are so exposed on the field it is very common for ankle injuries. Because of this Nike decided to take a new and never before seen approach to making cleats. this design has ankle coverage that does not negate movement and yet also adds some extra protection. these are some of the many cleats that are out there in the world and there are even cleats for different surfaces like grass vs turf or hardwood surface cleats for indoor play. The evolution of the “boot” helps further the game in revolutionary ways and should be acknowledged for years to come

As a parting gift here is a video of Adidas new lace less cleats for all those interested.

The World of Soccer

The world of soccer is an amazing place and this blog is meant to enlighten the people that feel differently and also for the regular lovers of the sport as well. This blog will showcase and many skills and talents of the players, but also the culture of the fans that live and die for the sport.
Soccer is a game that is known universally due to one very basic fact. It’s Simplicity. The game works with such ease that even if you live in the sweltering deserts of Africa, or the mountains of Vermont there is always a way to play. Soccer is something that is understood even without a playbook or something of that nature. Throughout the lifetime of this blog we will get into the ins and outs of the game really dissect what makes the game what it is. The link below is of one of the best soccer players to walk the face of this earth ,Lionel Messi. Enjoy!

Crossbar Challenge

If you are new to soccer you may be wondering what the crossbar challenge is due to my headline. In short the crossbar challenge is when a player attempts to strike the ball off of the crossbar(the horizontal top post of the goal) to show off their ball control. Being able to do this may not seem like the most impressive feat in terms of what soccer players can do on the field but that is an assumption only a non soccer player would make. the ability to put the ball exactly where you want it is something that only a select few can do at will and consistency is definitely a big factor in this as well. Even a player of top class will be ecstatic one they callout a crossbar hit from distance.

(the picture above is Lionel Messi trying to retain possession of the ball while fighting of a tackle from Luka Modric)

The crossbar challenge is one of the many ways players display their vast talents on the field and throughout the duration of this blog we will go through all of them with explanations of what they are and what skills these talents present to the world. We will also cover weekly news all over the world like games that have been played, Changes in coaching, trades amongst players and things of that nature. I hope you enjoyed the todays post and as a small gift here is a clip of Neymar Jr. attempting the crossbar challenge.(he makes it look to easy)