Football Funnies

Welcome back to another addition of World Soccer 2017. Today we will be getting into the funny side of soccer, The Bloopers. Soccer is full of funny mistakes that make the game just a little more comically for of the viewers out there, especially goalies. Goalkeepers have to toughest job on the pitch because they are the last line of defense between an opposing player and a goal. Because of this Keepers may get nervous sometimes and allow very poor goals which can shift the tide of any game. below is a video of some goalie slip ups from the German league.

Goalies receive a boatload of criticism for making mistakes like this but they still deserve our respect. it takes a special kind of person to be able to stand in the net and save shots from the best players in the world. Personally I could never be a goalie because of how nerve wrecking it is but that is just me.

Players the play on the field make mistakes just like keepers though. when players are the even make mistakes it almost seems worse because of the sheer fact that a lot of the time these mistakes are made in the simplest of scenarios. missing the ball or scoring on yourself can be the difference in a game sometimes which is why just one mistake can go very punished.


Football funnies do include things other than just mistakes players make. They also include things like ridiculous flops and other actions they pull on the field. Every soccer player knows that there will always be floppers, floppers are people who try and act like they have been fouled in order to obtain a foul from the referee. Flopping occurs in a bunch of sports but soccer seems like it invited the concept because of the commonality of it every game. Flopping buts the referees in tough spots in the game because there are no reviews for flopping, because of this whatever the referee calls on the spot is how it goes. Another reason why its tough for referees to assess whether a player has flopped or not is because of how big the field is. There are only 3 referees to cover 100 yards and only 1 real referee makes the calls, tie this in with the fact that the clock is running at all times which leaves them with no time to think and you have a great reason for players to try and flop. Even with this I feel like flopping ruins the game but it is difficult to take out of it. I leave everyone with one last clip of a bunch of bloopers throughout the years


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