The meaning of “Boots”

Puss in boots

Welcome back to another addition of the World Soccer 2017 blog, thank you in advance checking out blog. The majority of people reading this that are new to the game of soccer may be wondering why this first section is called “Puss in Boots”. Many people know puss in boots as the cat crusader seen in his own movie and even in the Shrek titles. He’s a little mischievous and is known for his swiftness with a sword, but he is not the main topic of day. Boots are known as soccer cleats in most parts world and we will be topic about the coolest and best cleats on the market.


(The cleats shown above are the Adidas X 16.1 FG)

The cleats shown above are what you would expect from your regular soccer cleats. cleats are meant to be light weight to allow the players to move their feet as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Soccer cleats also do not have a toe pick unlike football cleats because of the danger fact when it comes to stepping on other players and also because when planting with a toe spike you are very dug into the ground which is not ideal for a soccer player(p.s. soccer studs do not come in any metal material for safety of the players). Another thing you may notice is the fact that the cleats are low top cleats which means that they stop below the ball of the players ankle. this is another unique quality of soccer cleats which is in place to allow for mobility of your ankle in every direction possible. A soccer player with stiff ankles is an asset to no team.

 MIGBXQM0.pngI brought up the last point to show the new cleat in the picture above. these cleats are the new Nike Hypervenoms. as I stressed in the last paragraph how having ankle mobility is key, It is also very true that because ankle are so exposed on the field it is very common for ankle injuries. Because of this Nike decided to take a new and never before seen approach to making cleats. this design has ankle coverage that does not negate movement and yet also adds some extra protection. these are some of the many cleats that are out there in the world and there are even cleats for different surfaces like grass vs turf or hardwood surface cleats for indoor play. The evolution of the “boot” helps further the game in revolutionary ways and should be acknowledged for years to come

As a parting gift here is a video of Adidas new lace less cleats for all those interested.


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