The World of Soccer

The world of soccer is an amazing place and this blog is meant to enlighten the people that feel differently and also for the regular lovers of the sport as well. This blog will showcase and many skills and talents of the players, but also the culture of the fans that live and die for the sport.
Soccer is a game that is known universally due to one very basic fact. It’s Simplicity. The game works with such ease that even if you live in the sweltering deserts of Africa, or the mountains of Vermont there is always a way to play. Soccer is something that is understood even without a playbook or something of that nature. Throughout the lifetime of this blog we will get into the ins and outs of the game really dissect what makes the game what it is. The link below is of one of the best soccer players to walk the face of this earth ,Lionel Messi. Enjoy!

Crossbar Challenge

If you are new to soccer you may be wondering what the crossbar challenge is due to my headline. In short the crossbar challenge is when a player attempts to strike the ball off of the crossbar(the horizontal top post of the goal) to show off their ball control. Being able to do this may not seem like the most impressive feat in terms of what soccer players can do on the field but that is an assumption only a non soccer player would make. the ability to put the ball exactly where you want it is something that only a select few can do at will and consistency is definitely a big factor in this as well. Even a player of top class will be ecstatic one they callout a crossbar hit from distance.

(the picture above is Lionel Messi trying to retain possession of the ball while fighting of a tackle from Luka Modric)

The crossbar challenge is one of the many ways players display their vast talents on the field and throughout the duration of this blog we will go through all of them with explanations of what they are and what skills these talents present to the world. We will also cover weekly news all over the world like games that have been played, Changes in coaching, trades amongst players and things of that nature. I hope you enjoyed the todays post and as a small gift here is a clip of Neymar Jr. attempting the crossbar challenge.(he makes it look to easy)


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